Engaging with OffGrid Graphics to communicate your message

  • OffGrid is ready at your convenience . . . to work with you to achieve your business goals.
  • OffGrid can do single projects such as logo design, ads and signage.
  • OffGrid can do a complete analysis of your unique market position and then develop a long term marketing strategy that supports your business plan, builds your brand and allows you to manage your reputation.
  • Not sure? Many clients like to start with a single project. This works well and keeps time and cost investments to a minimum. Simply call 340-244-2185 to schedule a meeting or use the contact form.
  • Below are three general categories of services offered. You many be interested in just one or all of the services outlined.
  • Also for your reference, are detailed menu ideas of OffGrid services.

General categories of services offered by OffGridGraphics:

Brand Strategy

  • Defining your marketing/business goals
  • Identifying your customers
  • Evaluating the competition
  • Researching pertinent market and technology trends
  • Developing a single sentence identity
  • Outlining the brand story

Creative Content Solutions

  • Planning strategy based content
  • Designing brand visuals for print and on-line applications
  • Crafting descriptive brand messaging
  • Developing and maintaining website presence
  • Developing Social media channels and engaging with customers
  • See portfolio for creative solutions including logos, business cards, brochures, flyers, ads, packaging, signage and more

Reputation Management

  • Ensuring accurate and consistent external brand messaging
  • Developing internal brand communication tools so employees know and clearly communicate the brand story
  • Engaging with media and customers on a professional level
  • Responding to review sites and social media in a manner consistent with brand identity

Detailed menu of services offered by OffGridGraphics:

  • Logo graphics
  • Business card design, letterhead and forms
  • Website domain registration and email set-up
  • Simple or complex website development
  • Social media set-up and postings
  • Print and digital advertising
  • Business set-up on industry review sites
  • Print materials such as rack cards, brochures, menus etc.
  • Signage and banners
  • Other items specific to your business needs
  • Product naming and logo graphics, icons etc
  • Creative writing and design of sales sheets with product features, graphics and photography
  • Brochures, flyers and sales materials
  • Print and digital advertising
  • Product photography and photo editing
  • Product packaging design including cartons, labels and merchandising
  • Technical writing and design of data sheets with engineering specs, drawings and CAD files modified for print clarity
  • Management of the property’s digital assets and on-line reputation management with wholesale partners, and listing services
  • Social media postings and responses by the property to Facebook, Google+ and Twitter
  • Management of Trip Advisor Business listing information, ads and review response guidance.
  • Development of promotional offers with spreadsheet rate analysis that stimulate direct bookings and provide high ADR
  • Analysis of monthly property revenue reports to monitor trends such as revenue by rate plan and revenue by market code.
  • Relationship management and problem/resolution with OTA and Tour Operator partners such as Expedia.
  • Annual marketing status report with budget
  • Website design, writing, updates and photography
  • Graphic design, logo development, print ads, rack card, in-room booklet, certificates etc.
  • Research, coordination and implementation support of a booking engine solution with 2-way integration of website bookings, OTA and GDS bookings into the PMS system.
  • Marketing liaison with Department of Tourism and Hotel and Tourism Association
  • Public relations liaison with Department of Tourism’s PR firm to develop and evaluate publicity opportunities.
  • Logo graphics
  • Business card design, letterhead and forms
  • Website domain registration and email set-up
  • Simple or complex website development
  • Social media set-up and postings
  • Print and digital advertising and outreach
  • Print materials such as posters and programs for events and fundraising
  • Graphic banners, stickers and other name awareness vehicles
  • Grant writing development and management
  • Other items specific to your organizational needs