Marketing Reports

Strategy based marketing

Successful marketing is based on facts first. Once gathered, facts provide the basis for which a solid and effective marketing campaign can be created.

Marketing reports and status updates are an important tool in planning and measuring brand efforts. For client privacy reasons, actual reports are not shown here. Reports may include items such as:

  • Overall marketing/business objectives
  • Review of annual marketing efforts with statistical data
  • Competitive and technology trends
  • Key opportunities moving forward
  • Budget

Marketing overviews are also an important step for new Businesses and those looking to re-brand. Having a single document that outlines your strategy helps keep marketing efforts on track and on budget.

  • Defining your marketing/business goals
  • Identifying your customers
  • Evaluating the competition
  • Researching pertinent market and technology trends
  • Developing a single sentence identity
  • Outlining the brand story

PowerPoint Presentations

Similar to brochures, PowerPoint visuals are a great format for sales presentations and group events.

Client: Sansonic
Project: Sales presentation to Walmart.
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Client: Managed Freight
Project: Sales presentation to Diageo.
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